Friday, November 25, 2011

Catching up at 21 weeks!

Well, lets just say it has been a while and we need to catch up since last time we were on! Where to begin...

At 18 weeks we had our third ultrasound where we officially found out the gender. Doctors were right, a girl! During the ultrasound she kept moving from one side to the other, making the doctor work extra hard. All signs show the baby is doing great, healthy and right where she needs to be.

The next week she made it known she was there, kicking mom's belly. We were eating lunch and when the baby moved, dad put his hand on mom's belly to try and feel the baby... and finally he felt her! It was the first time that anybody was able to feel her, this was just another special moment we were able to share together.

Once we got confirmation, the work on the baby room really began. We were able to pick actual colors, a theme, and set the foundation for what lies ahead. We have put our craft skills to the test, so far creating a unique room just for her!

We next began our registry at Buy Buy Baby. We had a blast going through all the items, we didn't realize how much goes into preparing for a little one. We still have some work to do on finishing it, but hopefully by the upcoming weekend the baby registry will be all set.

Lasty, the name! We have gone through so many names, and at times it was overwhelming. Buying the "5000 names" book wasn't any help at all either! After talking and throwing ideas out, we came across Kayden. We looked at each other and smiled, we both knew this was the name for our baby girl.

Now at 21 weeks, things are going great. Kayden is kicking more frequently, and harder and harder each day!

18 weeks

Kayden's Room

Kayden's name

At 21 weeks